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PINEAPPLE MINT AND KIWI SMOOTHIE RECIPE (LC14282) : A quick recipe made of pineapple and kiwi fruit with coconut flavors.

Prep Time : 10
Cooking Time : 0
Resting Time : 10 Min

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2 number


2 Cups


Fresh mint

12 number

Coconut milk

1 Cup

Ice cube

6 piece


1 Slice

for Garnish

Dry coconut

1 tablespoon

for Garnish

How to make pineapple mint & kiwi smoothie recipe?

1. The ingredients quantity can be set as per your serving requirements. We recommend you set it prior to the start.

2. Cut the kiwi in half & scoop the fruit out into the blender.

3. Slice the pineapple & add in the blender.

4. Add mint leaves.

5. Add coconut milk.

6. Add ice cubes

7. Blend to smooth consistency.

8. For the garnish: Take a serving glass & on the rim, rub the lemon juice lightly.

9. Gently dip the rim of the glass in desiccated coconut.

10. Carefully pour the liquid into the glass.

11. Garnish with pieces of pineapple or kiwi fruit & serve immediately.


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