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About Us

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Look and cook blends two passions together, cooking a quintessential skill and photography a beautiful craft. We have presented step by step photographs of the gourmet action, because the measure of truth is what you see. We know exactly that it’s easy for you to remember pictures than words.

               “The real ethos of Look and Cook is a passion for exploring international fl­avours of food cultures, new cuisines and diverse recipes and we love sharing it with you.”

Once you are familiar with the process

1407313750_icon-arrow-right-b You don’t need to follow a recipe,

1407313750_icon-arrow-right-b You know the ingredients & combination

1407313750_icon-arrow-right-b You just have to do a hands free effortless cooking

1407313750_icon-arrow-right-b You don’t need a lot of instructions because pictures speak for themselves

1407313750_icon-arrow-right-b You can never go wrong by following the pictures .

Novice or expert this is for everyone who has a passion for cooking & enjoys serving scrumptious food. There is nothing that compares to a home cooked meal with nice presentation. We would love to hear from you about your valuable suggestions; we appreciate and value your culinary contributions. Please feel free to drop of your own recipe so that everyone can pass on their share of cooking knowledge. Please let us know who so that we can give them credit for their repertoire.


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